HRL Marketing & Communications Resources

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HRL Marketing and Communications can assist with the design and production of a variety of creative projects including posters, videos, brochures, booklets and other creative marketing pieces.

Below you will find a wide variety of resources available to HRL student and professional staff when working with the HRL graphic design team - also known as Area 51. You must adhere to all copyright and fair use regulations in any works designed or printed by Area 51. Please consult UM Libraries' Copyright and Permissions Guide for more information. 


HRL Social Media Posting Guide



Design Checklist

Designing your own poster? Keep this checklist in mind to make sure you have an effective and informative design.

  • What: title of the event or program
  • Who: host of the event or program
  • When: time and date of event or program
  • Where: location of the event or program
  • Why: benefit of attending or what a resident will gain by attending
    • Think beyond just "FREE FOOD"
  • How: signup details or a way to get more information
  • Spelling: check your text for any typos or grammatical errors
  • Quality: check the size of your poster (see below) and the quality of your images used (see below)

Tutorials & Guides

  • Beginning Graphic Design: YouTube playlist of 4 videos that quickly explains the basics of graphic design
  • online platform to learn the basics of graphic design and how to use design software (free to UM)
    • Introduction to Graphic Design
      • Chapter 1: Core Concepts (30 min.)
      • Chapter 2: Introduction to Typography (50 min.)
      • Chapter 3: Introduction to Color (25 min.)

Image Sizes

Design your art with the final size in mind so that it will print without warping your artwork. Ensure your deign settings are set to produce a high-quality image in its final form (CMYK and 300 dpi preferred for printed projects).

  • Common Poster Sizes: 18" x 24" (ratio of 3:4) & 24" x 36" (ratio of 2:3)
    • Note: Area 51 can print other poster/banner sizes if requested and deemed appropriate for the request
  • Sprout Social: always up-to-date social media image sizes

Graphic Design

Using the tools below can make design easy and professional.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.): available for free on any University-owned computer and on personal devices for UM students, faculty and staff. 
  • Canva: a free web-based design tool with templates, stock images, photo filters, free icons and basic shapes and hundreds of fonts
    • Tutorials: fast-track your ability to create amazing designs by completing the Design Essentials tutorials course.
  • FreePik: a collection of free graphics and icons
  • thousands of fonts available for free download
  • Lost & Taken: high-quality textures to use as backgrounds or photo filters
  • Adobe Color: select one color and find coordinating colors to help you design

Photo Galleries Available for UM Staff and Students

Using high-resolution, large photographs in your designs ensures that photos appear crisp (non "pixelated") when printing large posters. 

Logo Files

Click the logo you would like to use to download the high-resolution file.

University of Miami
Full Color White Black
.EPS (for use in Adobe Software) UMiami-color N/A N/A
.PNG (for use in any software) UMiami-color N/A N/A
Split U
.EPS (for use in Adobe Software) U-color u-white-outline.png U-black
.PNG (for use in any software) U-color U-white-outline U-black
.EPS (for use in Adobe Software) UHRL-color uhrl-white-outline.png UHRL-black
.PNG (for use in any software) UHRL-color UHRL-white-outline UHRL-black

Add your own!

Email if you need additional design help or have found any resources that you think would be helpful to add to this web page for others to use.

About Area 51

Scope of Work

The graphic design team is made up of students who report to the Marketing Specialist. Appropriate uses of the Graphic Design team are for creating imagery, designs, pictures, and videos for:
  1. All HRL programs and campaigns
  2. All RL programs and campaigns
  3. All FYE/CSE/S&S programs and campaigns
  4. Area-wide programs
  5. Faculty programs
The graphic design team will not create marketing materials for:
  • Floor programs
  • House/UVB programs
  • College Council Programs (since CC’s have PR/marketing positions)
For printed projects, requesters will receive a .png/.jpg image file once they have a completed design.

Project Approvals

Projects are approved by the Marketing Specialist/Assistant Director for Housing Services after completing the appropriate request form. Please remember that the graphic design team is a resource, and should not be abused.  The Marketing Specialist sets the project priority and schedule.

Project Deadlines

Design requests cannot be guaranteed if submitted less than 5 business days prior to due date; print-only requests cannot be guaranteed if submitted less than 2 business days prior to due date.


The graphic design team will print up to 3 large-format (24” x 36” and 18” x 24”) posters for a request. The graphic design team will also print large-format posters from a design file designed and submitted by the requester.
Flyers that are 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17” inch are printed in your area. If you are requesting a “complex” print job (i.e. large print quantities, tri-fold brochure, mounted posters, booklets, etc.), the Marketing Specialist will assist in coordinating the order with a third-party vendor.

Apparel and Promotional Items

HRL, RL, FYE/CSE, S&S promotional items designed and ordered by Area 51 but program-specific promo items continued to be ordered by Area. All HRL apparel designs (including HRL, RL, FYE/CSE, S&S, Area, College Councils) must be coordinated with the Marketing Specialist/Assistant Director for Housing Services.


We may also have photographers available to help capture high-profile programming, events, and special occasions. If a staff member on the graphics team is comfortable with video, that may also be an option for you. If you would like to schedule one of these employees to capture your event, please email