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Housing is available for UM students who want to live on campus during the summer months on a space-available basis, with priority given to current on-campus residents and international students.

Students must apply for summer housing by May 1 via the On-Campus Housing Portal accessed from CaneLink for Student by selecting the “Housing and Dining” dropdown from the menu. A $500 prepayment is required for each session, and students who do not sign up by May 1 will also be charged a $100 late application fee.

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Summer 2022 Information

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  • Summer Move Over Process

    Spring to summer move-over will take place Sunday, May 15 from 12 4 p.m. at the Lakeside Village reception desk. During this time, Summer C students must visit the reception desk to check into their summer 2022 assignment. Once checked in, students must be prepared to fully vacate their spring 2022 assignment within this timeframe.

    The Lakeside Village reception desk will be open on Sunday, May 15 from 12-4 p.m. to assist in the transition between the spring and summer terms.

  • ‘CaneCard Encoding

    Before Friday, May 13 at noon, spring 2022 students living in Hecht, Stanford, Eaton, Mahoney or Pearson Residential Colleges need to visit their area reception desk to have their ‘CaneCard encoded so their spring 2022 room access will remain. If students do not encode ‘CaneCard by this time, they will lose access to their room. Students living in University Village or Lakeside Village will not need to complete this process.

  • Remaining in Spring Assignment

    If students are staying in their same space for summer 2022 and new students will be moving into an unoccupied bedspace or bedroom, students must remove all personal items from the common area, other bed spaces (side of the room), and bathroom so our facilities and cleaning staff can prepare for the new student arrival.

    Students should respect the space once it has been cleaned. Please do not move back items until new roommate(s)/suitemate(s) move into the space. This cleaning may take place without advanced notice given our short timeframe to turn over spaces, so students must be ready.

  • Access to Spring and Summer Assignment

    The Lakeside Village reception desk will be open on Sunday, May 15 from 12-4 p.m. to assist in the transition between the spring and summer terms.

    When at Lakeside Village reception desk, a temporary access card will be provided to students which contains access to their spring 2022 housing assignment with an expiration time of 4 p.m. No extensions will be provided as we must begin cleaning and preparing spring 2022 spaces for summer use.

    Once the student has checked into their summer 2022 assignment, students must complete the steps in the “How to Leave Your Room” section of the closing website to complete their move-over and fully check out of their spring 2022 assignment.

    The temporary access card will expire Sunday, May 15 at 4 p.m. and must be returned to the Lakeside Village reception desk before that time. Failure to return temporary access cards to the reception desk will result in additional charges.

Summer 2022 Dates

Housing will only be available for the Summer C session from May 14 through August 6 in Lakeside Village. 

All summer dates, including intersession dates, are subject to change

Summer 2022 Intersession

Summer housing officially closes on August 6, and Fall 2022 housing for continuing students opens on Thursday, August 18. If you are planning to live in on-campus housing for the intersession period of August 6 through 18, an intersession housing application will become available later in the summer. There will be a $350 charge for the summer-to-fall intersession period if your application is approved.

Students must be residing in Summer C housing and have a valid Fall 2022 assignment to be eligible for intersession housing.  Those signed up for intersession housing will receive more information about the Summer to Fall move-over date and time when available. 

All student-athletes in Summer housing must reach out to the Athletics Compliance Office to determine if they are eligible for intersession housing of if their last day in summer housing is August 6.