Apply for Housing: Current Students

Housing Application for 2023-2024

Thinking about applying to live on campus for the 2023-2024 academic year?

The application and continuing student housing selection process will begin in early spring. 

Important Dates
February 6 through February 12, 2023  Housing Application available on Housing Portal 
February 12, 2023 at 11:59pm  Deadline to cancel 2023-2024 housing application without a $500 penalty 
February 13 through February 17, 2023  Continuing Student Housing Selection  
May 31, 2023  Deadline to cancel 2023-2024 confirmed housing room assignment with only a $500 penalty.
June 1, 2023, and onward   Students who cancel their 2023-2024confirmedhousing room assignment will be subject to a full room penalty charge,unless we are able to assign another new applicant to the bed space, in which case only a $500 room penalty charge would apply.  

Completing the application

  • Students will complete the 2023-2024 housing application, select a meal plan (if required), sign up for GradGuard property Insurance, and opt into Tide Laundry service 
  • Be prepared to pay $500 housing prepayment with a credit card.  
    • This prepayment will be applied to your overall student account bill once it is finalized over the summer.  In most cases, this will go towards housing costs, but in some instances, it can go towards other items.  

Below is preliminary information to help you prepare to consider your options, complete the application, and participate in continuing student housing selection.

  • Talk with friends and classmates about their housing plans and consider who you may want to live with. During the application process each student will establish roommate groups and indicate their preferred roommate(s)/suitemate(s).
  • Become familiar with the various room options across campus.
  • Attend a virtual information session to learn more about the application and selection process.
  • Once the application becomes available in the spring, complete the application and be sure to include any preferred roommates/suitemates.
  • After the housing application deadline, Housing will reach out directly to all students who have completed their applications by the deadline with specific selection instructions.

Information Sessions:

Virtual information sessions will be held for students and parents to provide an overview of the housing selection process and answer any questions. All sessions will cover the same information, so you only need to attend one that fits your schedule. After registering, a Zoom link will be emailed directly to you. Additionally, we will do our best to answer live questions during the session. All sessions will be recorded and posted on our website for your reference.  

Application Considerations:

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of on campus housing for continuing students.

Since we have more inventory of 4-bedroom options, we encourage students to plan ahead for this living arrangement. Students that have a roommate/suitemate group established during the application process will have a better chance of receiving on-campus housing.

If you do not have preferred roommate(s)/suitemate(s) you can still go through the process. Please note you may be selecting spaces where other students may have already selected to reside.

Should you complete your application and decide you no longer wish to reside on campus, you will be charged a penalty of $500 if you cancel your application/reservation on or after February 12, 2023 at 11:59pm. 

Students are advised to not utilize on-campus housing as a back-up plan. Doing so may result in a late cancellation in which the student could be fully responsible for room charges. 


Lakeside Village and Eaton will continue to house sophomores. Current sophomores who reside in Lakeside Village are only permitted to live in University Village for their junior and senior years.

Students who are juniors or seniors are only eligible to live in University Village. Lakeside Village and Eaton Residential College will not be an option for students with 60+ credits or more than 4 semesters of college. Juniors or seniors will not be able to be roommates with a sophomore living in Lakeside Village or Eaton due to housing capacity.

Students are encouraged to talk with their current or potential roommates and indicate their preference in the housing application. Please note that remaining in a specific building or room you are currently in may not always be possible.

Students who are interested in gender-inclusive housing are encouraged to visit this page to learn more.

Eligibility for on campus housing:

Students who are living off campus at the time of the application process will not be eligible to participate in the housing selection process.  

Students on UM Study Abroad or UMLA Spring 2023 are eligible to participate in housing selection for 2023-24. Housing selection information will be sent directly to their UM email including important dates and deadlines.

Resident Assistants and First Year Fellows, or those interested in applying for these roles, will still need to complete a housing application, and participate in continuing student housing selection.Successful candidates who are hired for these roles do not need to participate in continuing student housing selection. Candidates who plan living on campus and are hired as an alternate must participate in continuing student housing selection 

Off Campus Options:

Should you not successfully complete your application in time or participate in the Continuing Student Housing Selection process, we have off campus options for you to consider. We encourage you to visit our Off Campus Housing website for more information.    

Additionally, we will host an off-campus housing fair. Specific details will be shared in the spring semester.