Applying for Housing

Student housing on the Coral Gables campus is limited to full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students. Married couples, students with their child(ren), and part-time students (enrolled in 11 or fewer credits for the semester), as well as Intensive English, Law, and Medical students, are not eligible for on-campus housing.

All students apply for housing and make payment arrangements for the housing prepayment via the On-Campus Housing Portal accessed from CaneLink for Students by selecting the “Housing and Dining” dropdown from the menu. A $500 prepayment (payable by credit card) is required to complete the application.

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New students, excluding those transferring from another institution, who have been admitted to the University are eligible to apply for housing.

Current resident students must apply by the application deadline to be guaranteed the opportunity to participate in the room selection portion of the process for securing on-campus housing for the upcoming academic year and to select a specific room/apartment and roommate(s).

On-campus housing is available for resident students who would like to remain in on-campus housing for any portion of the winter intersession period.

On-campus housing is available for students who want to live on campus during the summer months.