What to Expect Living On Campus

Student Housing for Student Success: On-campus housing connects students academic endeavors with their personal and professional development by offering residents the opportunity to interact and engage with fellow students, HRL staff and live-in faculty members.

Live-On Requirement

All non-local freshmen students are required to live in University housing for two academic semesters, as long as space is available. This policy does not apply to freshmen students living with parents or legal guardians in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties.

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Residential Life

The University of Miami's Residential Colleges support and enhance student learning and engagement through interactions with live-in faculty and student affairs staff, as well as a wide range of programming, seminars, lectures, field trips, and recreational activities throughout the academic year. In addition to the hundreds of campus events where residents are actively engaging with faculty and staff, our residential areas host numerous faculty-led speaking engagements each year.

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By living on campus, students are footsteps away from a variety of academic, cultural and social experiences that are hard to get elsewhere. With the University of Miami's diverse student population, students can walk down the hall and meet fellow students from all around the world. Through intentional programming, HRL focuses its efforts on developing students both personally and professionally throughout their time on campus.

By exploring their sense of belonging on campus and by engaging in new cultural experiences, residential students gain an understanding of other cultures and identities, learn to challenge their peers in a civil manner, begin to break down stereotypes, and learn how to identify helpful on- and off-campus resources.

Guide to Living on Campus

Resident Engagement

HRL provides a variety of programs that cater to different student needs and offers them with relevant educational opportunities geared toward their individual needs, regardless of how many years they have lived on campus.

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience at the University of Miami focuses on connecting residents to the resources they need to be successful at the University. Through various programming, events, seminars, and faculty/staff interactions, residents in their first year will be intellectually engaged, have multiple connections across campus, and will finish their first academic year with a clearer plan for the rest of their college career.

Continuing Student Experience

Many students choose to return to on-campus housing after their first year because of the positive experiences they had while living on campus. We continue to foster connections in returning residents’ years on campus, including being more involved in campus life and taking advantage of many research and student employment opportunities. 

By providing these students with in-area access to the Toppel Career Center and other resources, Resident Assistants focus on the needs of continuing students, and staff who can help with the various needs of sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Our goal is to prepare them not only as students, but as professionals entering the workforce.

Safety & Security

The University of Miami Police Department is made up of fully-sworn officers that are responsible for the patrol and enforcement on campus. Inside the residential areas, HRL Safety & Security staff utilizes card swipe access so that only residents and properly credentialed staff have access to the non-public areas of the buildings.

Our reception desks are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our Resident Assistants and Desk Assistants from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily, and from 10 p.m. - 8 a.m. with our Student Security Staff, who are responsible for signing in every guest and maintaining a desk presence in the event of an emergency. In addition to regular desk hours, RAs are on duty for crisis response should one occur.

In-Area Faculty & Staff

A variety of student and professional staff members and University faculty serve as valuable resources to students. These individuals are trained to handle a variety of situations that may arise during a student's time on-campus.

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Housing Application

Ready to apply for on-canpus housing? New students - including those transferring to UM from another institution - who have been admitted to the University are eligible to apply for housing via CaneLink under the "UM Housing" section. To activate access to the housing application link, admitted students must pay the $500 enrollment deposit to verify their admission acceptance.

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