Fall 2021 Move-Out Information

Housing closes at noon on Friday, Dec. 17, for non-Commencement participants and on Saturday, Dec. 18, at noon for those participating in Commencement. 

A summary of the information below was e-mailed to all residents on Thursday, Nov. 18.

Moving out of your room

Students returning to their same space for Spring 2022 are not required to remove their items from their room during Winter Break. However, before leaving campus, remember to:

  • Clean your room/apartment including disposing of perishable food items as well as opened/unsealed food containers, etc. that may attract pests.
  • Empty, defrost, and unplug any mini fridges.
  • Take everything you will need during the break including medication, identification cards, keys, and any valuables.
  • Complete the Express Check Out form via the Housing Portal in CaneLink or by visiting your area’s reception desk.  Failure to do so will result in additional improper check-out charges. 


For students not residing in Winter Intersession housing, mail or packages received over winter break may be returned to sender. The first day returning students can ship mail or packages to campus for Spring 2022 is Monday, Jan. 10.

Requests to be released from on-campus housing

If you are not returning to on-campus housing for Spring 2022, you must complete a cancellation request form through the Housing Portal available via CaneLink by Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021.

This includes students who are:

  • graduating 
  • transferring 
  • withdrawing or going on inactive status 
  • moving off campus 
  • foreign exchange students returning to their home institution 

If you are graduating this fall and have requested your release from on-campus housing by Wednesday, Dec. 1, you will be released without penalty. However, a $500 penalty will apply if the request is made after the Dec. 1 deadline. 

If you are moving off-campus for Spring 2022 and have requested your release from on-campus housing by Wednesday, Dec. 1, you will be assessed a $500 penalty. Requests received after Dec. 1 will incur a full room penalty (unless the vacancy can be filled by a new incoming student who does not currently live on campus). 

First-year students will only be released from on-campus housing to move home with parents or guardians within Miami-Dade or Broward counties. A letter must be provided by a parent/guardian indicating that you will be moving home (address listed). The deadlines and penalties listed above will apply. 

Room change requests

If you would like to change your room assignment for the Spring 2022 semester, submit a room change request through the Housing Portal via CaneLink on or before Wednesday, Dec. 1.

  • If your room change is approved before you leave campus for winter break, you must be prepared to move to your new assignment before Friday, Dec. 17 at 5 p.m.
  • If your requested room is not available to move into before you leave, you must fully remove your belongings from your fall assignment before our offices close on Friday, Dec. 17 at noon. You will check into your new Spring 2022 assignment upon returning to campus in January. 
  • If you are notified that your room change has been approved before you leave campus but you do not check out of your Fall 2021 assignment and move into your new space, your room change will be canceled and you will remain assigned to your Fall 2021 space.

Half-empty rooms

If you are currently living in a half-empty double room (or your roommate will be leaving housing for the Spring 2022 semester), you will be assigned a roommate for the Spring 2022 semester.

Prior to leaving campus, please prepare the empty half of your space by removing posters/pictures, emptying the closet, and ensuring all furniture is ready for the new resident. If the empty half of the room is not prepared, you will be subject to disciplinary action and/or administrative charges, and your items may be moved to allow your new roommate to move in.

To avoid a random roommate assignment—which may include an incoming student if you live in a residential college—you are encouraged to submit a room change request as outlined above.