Spring 2021 Move-Out Information

Housing for the Spring 2021 semester closes at 12 p.m. on Friday, May 14 for non-commencement participants and 12 p.m. on Saturday, May 15 for commencement participants. Only approved commencement participants and students living in summer housing will be permitted to stay after 12 p.m. on Friday, May 14.  

Check-Out Procedures

All students are required to leave their residences in a clean and orderly condition and follow the proper checkout procedures.Failure to follow the checkout procedures will result in fines or penalties as outlined below.

Up to two other individuals may assist students during their move-out. Due to various exam schedules and other end-of-semester obligations, students will not be assigned a specific move-out day or time. Therefore, in order to maintain a safe and efficient move-out experience for all:

  • Everyone must wear protective face coverings and maintain physical distance from others at all times.
  • We respectfully request that time spent in the residential areas be limited as much as possible. Students are encouraged to begin packing and complete other preparatory work in advance of their intended move-out.
  • Roommates/suitemates/apartmentmates are encouraged to plan ahead to limit (or altogether avoid) co-mingling of households. 

Once all items have been removed from the living space, complete the Express Checkout Form in the Housing Portal in CaneLink. 

Express Checkout Form

How to Leave Your Room 

  • Close all blinds/shades
  • Roll up any unwanted carpets, and leave them in the center of the room.  
  • Bag all trash and place it in a designated trash room or take it to a dumpster.  
    • Do not leave trash or large items beside trash cans.
    • Trash bags will be available at the front desk for your use.
    • All residents in an apartment or suite are responsible for the cleanliness of the shared spaces. Regardless of who checks out first, cleaning charges may apply to all occupants.
  • Discard all unwanted food items from pantries, closets, refrigerators, etc.
  • Unplug and remove all personal appliances (empty & defrost mini-refrigerators).
    • This does not apply to University-provided appliances in UV or LSV kitchens and kitchenettes. 
  • Turn off the lights and leave the A/C on low (or 72° where applicable).
  • Remove all personal items from your room/apartment/suite.
    • Items left behind will be donated or discarded immediately after you check out. HRL is not responsible for personal items left behind.
    • This will assist our staff in successfully completing the full cleaning and sanitation process for summer housing.
  • Close and secure your door. 


You can sign out a cart at the reception desk for a 2-hour period. A $25 late fee will be charged to residents who return carts after the 2-hour period. A $300 fee will be charged to residents who do not return carts within a 24-hour period.


  • All non-University-issued furniture must be removed from the room, including futons purchased from BedLoft.
  • All University-owned furniture and appliances must be present during check out or you will be charged for replacement.

Rented BedLofts/Microfridges 

  • BedLofts should be left assembled and in the room. 
  • Microfridges should be cleaned out, defrosted, unplugged, and left in the room.
  • Futons purchased from BedLoft must be removed from the room.

Approved Vendors

If you are hiring a vendor, you must be present while the vendors is on campus. No vendors can be left unaccompanied. Also note, these are the only UM approved vendors. No other vendors may be contacted to provide these services. 

  • The UPS Store at Lakeside Village - offers pick-up, packing, shipping, and storage options for your personal items. Visit the store to make move-out reservations. Visit the site or call 786-392-3003 for location on campus at 1211 Walsh Avenue, Miami, FL 33146.
  • Collegeboxes - Have your belongings picked up from school during move-out to be stored locally for the summer or shipped anywhere, worldwide.  Stored items are delivered back to campus when you return.  Visit the site at collegeboxes.com or call 1-8662694887.
  • StowSimple - Stress-free summer storage with free on-campus pickup and delivery.  Stow Simple is a local, family-owned business serving UM students since 2015.  Visit the site at students.stowsimple.com or call 1-888544-6050 or 305-900-6700.

Unwanted Items

HRL does not provide storage for student belongings, however, there are multiple options for students to select from when considering how to store or move their belongings out of the residential areas.

For helpful information on how to limit your waste during your move-out experience, please reference the Green Move Out information.

As part of the effort to limit waste, Goodwill Industries South Florida will set up donation collection trailers during the closing period. Donate what you no longer need to one of the Goodwill trucks located in the parking lot outside your residential area. Trucks will be open:

Wednesday, May 5 - Sunday, May 16
9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Items accepted include: household items, decorations, small furniture, small appliances, sporting equipment, clothing, refridgerators, etc.
No stained goods, broken items, or mattresses will be accepted

Mail and Packages

Hecht, Stanford, Mahoney, Pearson, Eaton, and Lakeside Village:

The UPS Store at Lakeside Village will stop receiving packages for Spring 2021 upon your check out from campus housing and no later than Saturday, May 15. Students should retrieve all mail and packages from The UPS Store prior to leaving campus. 

  • The UPS Store will accept mail and packages received during the summer only for students with a summer housing assignment. Mail and packages that are misdelivered to The UPS Store will be returned to sender.
  • The UPS Store will begin accepting mail and packages for Fall 2021 students on Monday, August 9, 2021. Nothing should be sent to the store prior to this date. Further information about mail and packages will be released during the summer.

The UPS Store at Lakeside Village offers pick-up, packing, shipping, and storage options for your personal items. Visit the store to make move-out reservations.

University Village:

  • Students should retrieve all mail and packages prior to leaving campus. Please be sure to confirm with the UV front desk that you do not have any packages to be picked up, and that you empty out your mailbox.
  • Students should not have packages sent to them after they check out of their Spring 2021 housing assignment. Packages received after a student checks out of housing will be sent back if students are not living in summer housing.

Penalties and Fines 

Penalties will be enforced if students do not vacate their respective residential college or apartment area properly and/or by the designated times. Some common fines are: 

  • Failure to clean room/apartment: $100 
  • Improper or late check out: $100 
  • Failure to roll up area rug/carpet or bag trash: $100 
  • Missing or damaged smoke detectors: $75 each
  • Missing trash or recycling bin: $25 each 

Students who have signed-up for summer housing by May 1 can remain in their spring assignments until the move-over day of Sunday, May 16 at no additional charge. Students who sign up after May 1 will inccur a $100 late fee.

For a complete listing of fines and charges, students should visit the last page of our department's Policies & Procedures