Living On Campus

Living on campus is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy University life at its fullest.
Living on campus opens a world of interaction with other students, faculty, and staff members in many social, developmental and academic activities. It’s a special time of learning and maturing; a time to be a member of the University family. 
 This guide includes much of the information future and current residents need to know about living in on-campus housing.
Each residential college has resident faculty members, student affairs professional staff members and student staff who live in the residential college and serve as resources for resident students. 

The University of Miami offers undergraduate on-campus housing in five residential colleges and University Village, which is comprised of seven apartment buildings.

All students apply for housing and make payment arrangements for the housing prepayment via CaneLink. The "UM Housing" link is available on the CaneLink homepage (not from the "Student Center"), and a $500 prepayment (payable by credit card) is required to complete the application.

All students must check in at their area's reception desk when moving onto campus and picture identification is required for verification. Students moving out of their on-campus housing must also check out at their area's reception desk.
All rates are set and approved by the University Board of Trustees. Rates for the following academic year are typically updated late in the Spring semester after approval by the Board of Trustees.