Tropical Storm and Hurricane Information

When a potential tropical storm or hurricane event is expected to make landfall near UM, the University will determine based on the strength and the severity of the event whether or not residential students will need to completely evacuate on-campus housing or if we will weather the storm by sheltering in place within the residential facilities.

There are a number of things a student should do prior to an event in order to prepare. Students should speak with their families to determine what their hurricane evacuation plan will be and update that in CaneLink. In the event of an evacuation, students will have a limited window with which to make travel plans and off campus arrangements and being prepared will help you shelter safely.

Office of Emergency Management Hurricane Information

UM Emergency Hotline (1-800-227-0354) 

Preparation Before the Storm

  • All furniture, including beds, should be pulled away from the windows. All electronic equipment should be placed off the floor.
  • Since the floors can get wet, all articles such as shoes, rugs, clothes, bags, suitcases, etc., should be placed on closet shelves or in dresser drawers.
  • All loose objects should be placed in drawers or closets. Papers, books, etc., should not be left on tops of desks or dressers.
  • Valuables should be placed in lockable closets or drawers and should be kept under lock throughout the storm. All doors should be locked when the occupants are not in the room or apartment.
  • All windows must be closed tightly. In the University Village and Lakeside Village, the blinds should be RAISED all the way to the top. In Eaton, Mahoney and Pearson, vertical blinds should be fully opened/pulled back. In Stanford, where hurricane shutters are provided, shutters must be closed in all rooms.
  • Any student who owns a car should ensure that the emergency brake is set and that the car is in reverse gear or park after being parked in a secure location. All windows should be closed and the car locked. Be certain to fill the gas tank. Gas pumps cannot work if a power failure exists.
  • Students should provide their own flashlights/glow sticks in case of power failure. Do not use candles or other flammable type lighting under any circumstances.
  • If we shelter in place, residents should provide themselves with snack food items, such as crackers, power bars, cookies, peanut butter, jelly, bread, bottled water, etc. Food service will be available as much as possible, but students should plan for an emergency by having 3 days of food available.
  • Residents who evacuate to off campus locations should inform their Resident Assistant or the reception desk of your residential college/area so your whereabouts are known.

Procedures During the Storm (If We Are Sheltering In Place On Campus)

  • It is essential that all residents stay indoors throughout the entire storm. Residents must not leave their living units until directed to do so by the residential college staff. During the peak of the storm, for maximum protection, residents may be required to close room or bedroom doors and remain in the hallways or lobby area.
  • Students should remain away from dangerous areas, such as the glass windows and doors in the lobby areas of the residential colleges or the living rooms of the apartments.
  • Do not attempt to open windows or doors to see what is happening outside. Wind currents are especially strong near high-rise buildings.
  • Residents may not use external fire stairs to go to an adjacent floor, and elevators will be shut off. Thus, students who live in Stanford College will be restricted to their floors or the lobby area during a hurricane. DO NOT OPEN WINDOWS OR EXTERIOR DOORS.
  • Report all broken windows, excessive water, and other facilities/housekeeping concerns to 305-284-8282. Your Resident Assistant or the reception desk of your residential college will also be available to respond to your questions.
  • Keep in mind that everything is calm when the eye of the storm passes overhead. Do not venture outside as the second half of the storm will follow shortly.
  • Residents may not leave their buildings after the storm until the Office of Emergency Management indicates that it is safe to do so.
  • The consumption of alcohol during a hurricane, regardless of age, is strictly prohibited and is considered a major university policy violation.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Hotline 1-800-227-0354 Housing Office  305-284-4505
UM Police 305-284-6666 Mahoney Front Desk  305-284-4144
Facilities Customer Service 305-284-8282 Pearson Front Desk  305-284-4211
Eaton Front Desk 305-284-6845 Stanford Front Desk  305-284-2555
UV Front Desk 305-284-3680


The University of Miami is not responsible for damages to, or for loss of, personal property as a result of a tropical storm/hurricane. If you have questions, please contact your Resident Assistant or the staff at the reception desk of your residential college/area.