Space Reservations & Tabling Requests

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Welcome to the Housing and Residential Life Space Reservation form.

Before you begin completing this form please note the following:

  • We do not reserve classrooms on a weekly basis
  • We cannot reserve classrooms until after 6 p.m. Monday - Friday
  • Groups must submit their reservation request at least 1 week in advance
  • UM Student Organizations (including all Greek Letter organizations) are able to table in Residential Colleges and University Village but must follow the guidelines outlined in the request form. Additionally, if a group would like to recruit while tabling, the request will be sent to the Director of Residential Life for approval. Please note there may be a delay in approval.
  • Approved candidates running for Student Government office are eligible to table in Residential Colleges and University Village during the campaigning period but must follow guidelines outlined by the Student Government Elections Commission. Additionally, no campaigning or distribution of campaigning materials is allowed in resident-only areas.

Making a Reservation

  1. Review the Rules and Guidelines for Requests document
  2. Visit
  3. Click Sign In and log-in with your CaneID and password
  4. Select the template named Book an Event Space without Services and click Book Now
  5. Enter the desired date and time, then click Search
  6. A list of ALL spaces, not just the available ones will show
  7. Click the + to add rooms to the request and click Next Step 
  8. Next, input all of the details and click Next Step
  9. Input all of the event details 
  10. When you finish, click Create Reservation
  11. Once complete, the webpage will display a tentative reservation