Living at Lakeside Village

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Welcome to Lakeside Village. Below is information specific to living in this residential community. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the Lakeside Village Residential Life Office. For additional information about living on campus - including mail and package information, our guest policy, and more - review the Guide To Living on Campus.

Community Spaces

There are a variety of communal and study spaces throughout the residential floors in Lakeside Village. These spaces are for the express use of Lakeside Village residents, but they can be reserved for planned events. Should a space be reserved, it would be noted on the day of the event.

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  • Ground Floor Study Lounge

    Located on the ground floor in Room 1094

    This Study Lounge offers Lakeside Village residents a quiet and comfortable study area. 'Cane Card access is required to enter the study lounge.

  • Outdoor Adventures

    Located on the ground floor next to the volleyball courts

    Outdoor Adventures provides adventure-based programs, services, and facilities. From equipment rentals to the Rock Climbing Wall, Outdoor Adventures is here to support active lifestyles through experiences in that natural world.

  • Meditation Room

    Located on the second floor, room 2048

    The meditation room provides a quiet space to relax and reflect. It may also be reserved for collaborations between Housing & Residential Life, the Counseling Center, and the Wellness Center.

    At all times, the noise in the meditation room should be at a low volume to respect others and their use of the space.

  • Outdoor Terraces

    Located throughout the second floor

    The outdoor terraces provide residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a unique way and showcase the beauty of Lakeside Village.

    Terraces require 'Cane Card access for entry and will be accessible to Lakeside Village residents from 8 a.m. to midnight, daily.

  • Music Practice Rooms

    Located near the Main Reception area

    These practice facilities can be used on a first-come, first-served basis between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight. Music Practice Room key cards can be checked out from the Lakeside Village front desk. There is a two-hour time limit for using the practice rooms.

  • Secured Bike Storage

    Located adjacent to the parking garage

    Lakeside Village residents will have swipe access to resident-only indoor bike storage. The indoor storage is first-come, first-served. Lakeside Village residents and the UM community are welcome to use the outdoor slabs located around Lakeside Village. Learn how to use the Steadyrack storage system by watching this video tutorial.

    As a reminder, all bicycles must be registered through UMPD.

  • Recreation Rooms

    Located on each residential floor in the Lobby A elevator areas

    The recreation rooms provide Lakeside Village residents with access to activities and leisure opportunities. From a video game lounge to ping pong tables, each floor has a different selection of entertainment for you to enjoy.

    Lakeside Village residents can check out equipment for the recreation rooms at the reception desk with a 'Cane Card.

  • Reservable Spaces

    There are a variety of programming spaces that can be reserved through the Office of Conference Services:

    • Classroom – Room 1090

      Like some other residential areas, this space will hold classes during the week and will be under the purview of the Office of Classroom Management. It will be a reservable space outside of business hours and on the weekend.

    • Training Room – Room 1084

      With a layout like a classroom, this will be a meeting space for offices and departments across campus, as well as a meeting place for Lakeside Village related events and needs.

    • Pavilion (Multipurpose Room) – Room 1000

      The Pavilion is large enough to host a variety of events but also has a wall that can retract down from the ceiling to divide the space into two distinct rooms.

    • Auditorium – Room 1004

      The auditorium will be able to sit about 200 people at maximum capacity and can be used for traditional shows and movies, panel discussion, banquets, and more.

    • Expo Hall - Room 1123

      The Expo Hall’s unfinished interior will allow event planners to design the space to fit their needs. There are endless possibilities for the Expo Hall including art shows, career fairs, banquets, and much more.

’Cane Card and Access Control

Lakeside Village Residents will have 24-hour swipe access to all elevator lobbies and elevator doors as well as all ground floor lobby stairway doors. Additionally, residents will have Outdoor Terraces swipe access from 8:00 a.m. to midnight each day.

Resident students will be required to swipe for entry at the exterior door of the elevator lobby, and then swipe again either at the elevator door or the stairwell door. Once entry is gained to the elevator or the stairwell by 'Cane Card access, students can move freely among the 5 residential floors.

Students are still expected to carry their 'Cane Cards and use them as the primary method of accessing all authorized spaces.

If you are locked out

Details under the 'Cane Card tab


Mobile door access application

Community Standards and Cleanliness

Lakeside Village residents are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their room and the common areas of the apartment/suite. The university does not clean the spaces throughout the year. Residents should supply their own cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

Lakeside Village residents are expected to remove garbage and recycling from their room and common areas of the apartment/suite regularly. There are garbage and recycling chutes located in multiple locations on every residential floor in Lakeside Village.

Health and Safety Inspections of apartments and individual bedrooms will be conducted by staff members on a regular basis throughout the year.

Facilities Concerns

Laundry Machines: Machines located in communal laundry rooms in Lakeside Village are operated exclusively through a mobile app. More information is available in our Guide to Living on Campus.

For all facilities-related requests, please complete the Facilities Management Service Request Form or call Facilities Customer Service at 305-284-8282 seven days a week.

Below you can find operation manuals for the appliances in your residence. Be sure to look at the manuals for your specific layout as they may vary.

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Loading and Unloading Zones

A loading/unloading zone is located outside of Lobby A facing Stanford Drive. Residents can also load and unload from their designated parking area. 

Small carts are available at the Lakeside Village reception desk year-round, which is in Lobby A. During peak moving-in and moving-out times, larger carts will also be available. Residents can check a cart out for up to 2 hours using their 'Cane Card.