Campus Television Services

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Philo allows resident students to watch and record their favorite content on Philo-enabled channels seamlessly across their devices from anywhere on campus, including select HBO channels.


hbo-goHBO Max is available to resident students as a stand-alone streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more TV favorites, blockbuster movies, and new Max Originals for everyone.

Using HBO Max

  • Visit 
  • Select SIGN IN, found in the top, right corner.
  • Click "Sign in through TV or mobile provider" then click "View all providers" and select University of Miami from the drop-down menu. (Note: colleges and universities are listed in alphabetical order.)
  • Sign in through My UM (upper right)
  • Authenticate using UM username and password
  • Create an HBO MAX username and password. Enter your UM email address. 
  • Create your profile


philoPhilo allows resident students to watch and record their favorite content on Philo-enabled channels seamlessly across their devices from anywhere on campus, including select HBO channels. Students can also select their favorite movies and shows, and Philo will record them automatically. See the Campus TV Channel Listing below for the list of Philo-enabled channels.

Using Philo

Ensure your device is connected to UM's wired or WiFi network before attempting to use Philo - even to watch pre-recorded content.
  • Computers: Visit and log in using your CaneID and password
  • Mobile Devices: Download the Philo Edu app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store

Philo Support

For students experiencing issues related to Philo, please confirm with your residential area’s reception desk that you are checked-in to your room. Additionally, ensure that you are located on campus and connected to SecureCanes while attempting to log in to either service.

It may take up to 24 hours after you have checked-in for your Philo account to be activated. If, after following the steps outlined above, you still experience connectivity trouble, please contact UMIT Telecommunications at 305-284-6565 or email

Campus TV Channel Listing

Residential students are provided with access to more than 170 channels, including more than 110 in HD.

Using Cable TV

  1. Connect cable cord to the outlet in the wall and into the back of the television
  2. In the menu of television, go to setup, switch from Air to CATV (if necessary)
  3. Scan for channels: Digital

Make sure your TV has a QAM tuner in order to receive the full listing of channels available.

Lakeside Village: Since there are no cable outlets in Lakeside Village units, these resident students can access Philo via a web browser or other internet-connected devices.

For any service issues please call telecommunications at 305-284-6565.


Number Channel HD Philo-Enabled
2.1 WPBT 2 PBS HD Philo
2.2 Create
2.3 World
2.4 Kids 360
3.0 Teleguide
4.11 WFOR 4 CBS HD Philo
4.12 Decades
5.0 Community Channel
6.1 WTVJ 6 NBC HD Philo
6.2 Cozi
7.11 WSVN 7 FOX HD Philo
7.12 WSVN Estrella
8 Justice Central HD
9 A&E HD Philo
10.1 WPLG 10 ABC HD Philo
10.2 MeTV
10.3 Movies!
11 Campus Ch. 1 HD
12 Campus Ch. 2 HD
13 Campus Ch. 3 HD
14 Campus Ch. 4 HD
16 AMC HD Philo
17.1 WLRN 17 PBS HD
18.0 American Heroes
19 Animal Planet HD Philo
20.0 Aqui
21 Boomerang HD
24 BBC America HD Philo
25.0 BBC World News Philo
26 BET HD Philo
27 Bloomberg HD Philo
28 Bravo HD
29 Big Ten Network HD
30.0 Canal Once
31 Carton Network HD Philo
32 CBS Sports HD Philo
33.1 WBFS 33 My TV HD Philo
33.2 Heroes & Icons
34.0 Centric
35.1 WPXM 35 Ion HD Philo
35.2 Qubo
35.3 Ion Life
35.4 Shop
35.5 QVC
35.6 HSN
37 CNBC HD Philo
38.0 CNBC World
39.1 WSFL 39 HD Philo
39.2 Justice TV
39.3 ANT TV
39.4 ThisTV
40 CNN HD Philo
42 Comedy Central HD Philo
43 Cooking Channel HD Philo
44.0 C-SPAN Philo
45.0 C-SPAN 2
46 Destination America
47 Discovery HD Philo
48.0 Discovery Family
49.0 Discovery Life
50 Disney Channel HD Philo
51.1 WSCV HD
51.2 Telexitos
51.4 Telemundo Philo
52 Disney Jr. HD
53 Disney XD HD
54 DIY HD Philo
55 E! HD Philo
56 ESPN HD Philo
57 ESPN 2 HD Philo
58 ESPNews HD Philo
59 ESPNU HD Philo
61 ESPN Deportes HD
62 Food Network HD Philo
63 FOX Business HD Philo
64 FOX News HD Philo
65 FOX Sports 1 HD Philo
66 Fox Sports 2 HD Philo
67 FOX Sports Florida HD
68 FOX Sports Sun HD Philo
69 Comedy TV HD
70 ACC Network (Coming August 2019) HD Philo
71 beIN HD Philo
72.0 Fuse Philo
73 Aspire HD
74 Freeform HD Philo
75 FX HD Philo
76.0 FX Movie Channel
77 FXX HD Philo
79 Golf HD
80.0 GAC
81.0 Game Show Network Philo
82 Hallmark HD Philo
83 HGTV HD Philo
84 History HD Philo
85 Headline News HD Philo
86 ID HD
87 IFC HD Philo
88 Lifetime HD Philo
89 Lifetime Movie HD Philo
90.0 Link TV
91.0 LOGO Philo
92 MLB Network HD Philo
93 MSNBC HD Philo
94 MTV HD Philo
95 MTV 2 HD Philo
96.0 MTV Classic HD Philo
97.0 MTVU
98.0 NASA Philo
99 Nat Geo HD Philo
100 OEM Weather HD
100.1 Nat Geo Wild HD
101 NBA TV HD Philo
102 NBC Sports HD Philo
103 NFL Network HD Philo
104 NHL Network HD Philo
105 Nick Jr. HD
106 Nickelodeon HD Philo
107.0 Nick Toons
108 Ovation HD
109 OWN HD Philo
110.0 Oxygen Philo
111.0 Pursuit
112 Reelz HD
113 Science Channel HD Philo
114 SEC Network HD Philo
115 Spectrum SportsNet HD
116 Spike HD Philo
117.0 Sportsman
118 Sprout HD
119 Sundance HD Philo
120 SyFy HD Philo
121 TBS HD Philo
122 TCM HD Philo
123.0 TeenNick
124 Tennis HD
125 TLC HD Philo
126 TNT HD Philo
127 Travel Channel HD Philo
128 truTV HD Philo
129 TVLand HD Philo
130.0 TV One
131.0 TVG
132 Univision HD Philo
133 USA HD Philo
134 Velocity HD
135 VH-1 HD Philo
136 Viceland HD
137 WE HD
138 Weather Channel HD Philo
139 Weather Nation HD
140 WGN HD Philo
141.0 World Harvest
142 HBO HD Philo
143 HBO 2 HD Philo
144 HBO Signature HD Philo
145 HBO Latino HD Philo
146 HBO Family HD Philo
147 Encore East HD
148.0 Encore West
149 Encore ACT HD
150.0 Encore Black
151.0 Encore Family
152.0 Encore Classic
153.0 Encore Suspense
154.0 Encore Western
155 Movie Channel HD Philo
156.0 Movie Channel West
158.0 Chiller Philo
159 Revolt HD Philo
160 Univision Deportes HD Philo