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In-Area Faculty and Staff

Listed below are the types of professional and student staff positions residents can expect to interact with on a regular basis.

Area Director & Assistant Area Director

Area Directors are the primary administrators of each residential area and strive to maintain an environment that promotes academic, developmental, and social success. This is accomplished through coordinating educational programming in each area, collaborating with live-in faculty regarding academic initiatives, responding to resident issues or concerns, and serving as a crisis manager and a judicial officer.

Office Supervisors

Office Supervisors are full-time staff members responsible for the oversight and management of the residential area reception desks. They serve as liaisons between the residential areas and a number of University offices, including Parking, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Facilities, GCA, etc. These supervisors also supervise reception desk student staff and oversee desk operations including mail/package delivery and cart/vacuum check-out.

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Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are live-in student leaders who serve as residents' primary resource for campus information and for students' transition into the next stage of their personal and professional development on campus. RAs are the ultimate, versatile students that can provide their resident students with the help they need in day-to-day college life.

Academic Support

Residential Faculty & Faculty Fellows

Residential Faculty and Faculty Fellows are present in the Residential Colleges and serve as resources for students. The faculty hold office hours in the buildings, host dinners in their apartments, and work with the student staff to provide programming for residents that focus on current events, social issues, and faculty members' research interests. 

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Residential College Advising

The Senior Advisor for Residential College Advising assists residential students in first-year communities and handles academic concerns related to major and career exploration. They frequently advise students on developing four-year plans and connect students to campus resources to aid in their success. Advisors also support at-risk students through outreach and programming efforts in the Residential Colleges, working with the Residential Faculty and First Year Fellows. They oversee the First Year Fellow peer mentorship role available in Eaton, Hecht, and Stanford Residential Colleges.

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First Year Fellows

First Year Fellows (FYFs) are upperclassmen student leaders living in first-year communities who build relationships with and support students as they transition into the college experience. FYFs develop and implement academic and personal development initiatives and programs for their residents throughout the year. FYFs, who report to the Office of Academic Enhancement, also work closely with the RAs to build a community that supports living and learning.

Safety & Security

HRL Safety & Security Staff

Comprised of professional and student staff, the HRL Safety & Security team is responsible for maintaining a safe environment, educating residents, and responding to crises between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Security Assistants are student employees that operate the security posts in each residential college. SAs screen individuals who enter the building, check in guests, monitor fire alarms and access doors, and serve as first responders to emergency situations that may arise throughout the night.

Residential Life Night Managers

Residential Life Night Managers are professional staff members who support RAs and Safety and Security student staff throughout the night, especially in crisis response. Together with Safety and Security staff, Night Managers plan semester programs and outreach initiatives designed to educate residents about on-campus safety and security.

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