Quarantine and Isolation

In addition to the information below, please take some time to familiarize yourself with information about isolation and quarantine available on Student Health Service’s website.

  • Once you are in a quarantine/isolation space, a flag will be placed on your ’Cane Card to alert the appropriate staff if you attempt to access any spaces other than your designated quarantine or isolation space. 
  • You will be notified by Student Health Service when your quarantine or isolation period has ended.
  • Students who do not comply with the quarantine or isolation protocols and related directives from University officials may be subject to disciplinary action or removal from campus housing.
  • The University of Miami will provide housing, meals, and other support services to residents placed in quarantine or isolation at no charge to the student. However, costs for lodging or other expenses incurred by students who choose to quarantine or isolate off campus are not reimbursable.
  • If you choose to depart the off-campus location to isolate or quarantine elsewhere prior to your expected clearance, complete this form. You will not be allowed to return to campus until you are cleared by Student Health Service.
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  • Notifying Instructors

    If you would like to notify your professor(s) of an excused absence from attending in-person class due to isolation/quarantine or other health-related issues, please complete this survey.  Please note that Student Health Service will only confirm the dates you are excused from attending in-person classes, private health information will not be disclosed. 

  • Health Aid and Nursing Service 

    Based on your individual circumstance, you may be assigned to receive support services from a health aid from our partner, MedCare Home Health Services, Inc., to assist with activities of daily living. Furthermore, you may receive daily in-person nursing services if deemed necessary.   

    Upon initial contact with MedCare, you will be required to provide consent for home health services, but know that any costs incurred for use of these services are covered by the University and will not be charged to you or your health insurance.    

Quarantine/Isolation Location

Upon receiving confirmation of an assigned off-campus space, transportation will be coordinated if needed. You must isolate as best as possible until your ride is ready. Please meet at the agreed-upon location and time that was communicated to you, and have your cell phone readily available as the driver will call you with any updates or questions.  

  • If you have been assigned to a hotel room, please refer to your University email for instructions on how to access our key card.
  • If you have any issues/concerns accessing your space—including if you become locked out—please contact the hotel front desk. 
  • Amenities and appliances, such as a refrigerator and microwave, may be provided for you while in quarantine or isolation. You are responsible for the charges associated with any missing or damaged items.

You may be assigned to quarantine or isolate in place. The ability to stay in place is dependent, in part, on your access to a private room and private bathroom. Other conditions may be considered in directing you to stay in place or relocate. By staying in place, you agree to the following terms and can affirm that you have informed your parents/guardians:

  • You must stay in your room as much as possible and leave only for approved reasons. Avoid using common area spaces such as floor lounges and study rooms. 
  • You are not allowed to have any visitors until all students in the space have been cleared by Student Health Service.

While In Quarantine/Isolation

Once you have entered your assigned space, you should remain there as much as possible. Approved reasons to leave your quarantine or isolation space include:

  • a testing appointment
  • an in-person appointment with Student Health Service
  • relocation to another quarantine or isolation space
  • your quarantine/isolation period is over as directed by Student Health Service

Use a face covering and other forms of personal protection equipment and maintain physical distancing at all times when transitioning to your designated space or when leaving your space for an approved reason. Visitors are not allowed to visit you while in quarantine/isolation. Unfortunately, outdoor time is not available while in quarantine or isolation at the hotel.

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  • Helpline

    A dedicated helpline is available to support you and to serve as your main point of contact for all non-medical requests or concerns. 

    Helpline phone number: 305-243-2683

    Hours of operation: Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    For non-urgent health-related questions about your quarantine or isolation, please contact Student Health Service at studenthealth@miami.edu. For urgent issues, call Student Health Service at 305-284-9100.

  • Retrieve Items

    You may enter your living space prior to your quarantine or isolation and gather any belongings. Plan on packing for up to 10 days since laundry service is not available. Remember to pack essential items including: 

    • toiletries 
    • medications 
    • electronic devices and chargers 
    • textbooks and school supplies 
    • clothes for up to 10 days 

    If needed, a cart will be provided to you at the front desk. A face covering and gloves should be worn at all times. After entry into quarantine/isolation, you cannot go to your room to retrieve any additional items.  

    You may request over-the-counter medications and/or supplements (i.e. Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, etc.) by calling the helpline. Approval of these requests is at the discretion of MedCare and/or Student Health Service.

  • Meals

    If Relocated to an Off-Campus Space

    If you are in quarantine or isolation at a University-coordinated off-campus location, you will receive a U.S. Bank Focus Card pre-loaded with $45 per day throughout your quarantine or isolation period.

    • The card is only to be used to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages for delivery to you.
    • If you are directed to quarantine or isolate after 2 p.m., you are responsible for paying for your own dinner, and an additional $15 will be added to your prepaid card for the following day.
    • You must follow the activation instructions that come with the card before using it. This card is the only method of receiving funds. If the card is not activated, you will not receive any funds. A confirmation will be sent to your University email address once the first day’s funds have been deposited into your account.
    • The card will be in an envelope and attached to your room key packet, both of which are available at the check-in table. Please only grab the key and debit card packet with your name on it.
    • Once discharged or if you choose to move off campus and out of a University-coordinated location, the card will be deactivated. The card may be disposed of at this point.
    • For cardholder questions, please contact US Bank directly by calling 888-863-0681. Please read the cardholder disclosures.


    View Account Information and Balance

    • Online: usbankfocus.com
    • U.S. Bank Focus Mobile App: search for “U.S. Bank Focus” in the App Store or Google Play
    • Phone: call Cardholder Services at 888-863-0681
    • Text: text BAL to 90831

    Your cell phone number is the phone number on file for your U.S. Bank Focus Card, and the address is:
    1211 Walsh Avenue
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146

    Delivery Instructions
    Students may order food and groceries for delivery between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., seven days a week. Deliveries will not be accepted nor delivered outside of these hours.

    Deliveries of food & beverage are allowed from InstaCart, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc. Students must use the following delivery addresses:

        Four Points by Sheraton
        Your Name
        3861 SW 40 Street
        Coral Gables, Florida 33146


        Spring Hill Suites
        Your Name
        3895 NW 107th Ave
        Miami, Florida 33178

    Please direct the courier to drop off the delivery at the hotel front desk. A staff member will deliver items to your room. You may not leave your room to pick up food or meet delivery drivers. Every effort will be made for timely delivery to your room.

    Note: Restaurants/markets may place a temporary hold for additional funds until the transaction is fully processed (to cover potential tips or other fees), which may cause a temporary inability to access sufficient funds within the same day. These withheld funds are typically released once the transaction clears. If you have insufficient funds on your prepaid card, you may need to use a personal card until the hold is cleared. You will continue to receive $45 daily and any remaining balance rolls over to the next day.

    If Staying in Place

    If you are assigned to quarantine or isolate in your on-campus room, meals will be delivered to you twice daily. A U.S. Bank Focus Card will not be issued to you.

    Lunch will be delivered around noon daily. Dinner with a continental breakfast will be delivered around 5 p.m. 

    Please advise Chartwells of your meal preference and any dietary restrictions or allergies by completing this form. If you are directed to quarantine or isolate after 4:30 p.m., this form can also be used to assign a proxy student, who can pick up your meal from the dining hall and deliver it to you only for your first evening. You also have the option to order selected items from the Market by using the form. Items ordered from the Market will be charged to your declining balance account. Meals will be delivered directly to you by University personnel starting the next day at lunch.

  • Supply Replenishment

    If you run out of items in your room and would like to request more, please submit a request. Deliveries occur Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. If you have an immediate need, please contact the helpline.

    Items that can be requested include but are not limited to: snacks, water, Gatorade, garbage bags, Tylenol, gloves, napkins, and cups. These items are free of charge to you. While every effort will be made to accommodate you, some requests may be unable to be fulfilled.

  • In-Room Amenities

    Your quarantine or isolation space is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, television, and linens. Upon your release, these items must be left in your room in excellent condition or a charge will be added to your student account.  

    If any of these items are missing or damaged when you arrive at your space, please contact the helpline. 

  • Garbage

    You are responsible for leaving the sealed,  bagged trash outside of the room by 11 a.m. Please do not leave any loose trash outside of your room or leave out garbage overnight.  If you run out of bags, please submit a request .

  • Mail and Packages

    Mail and packages from the on-campus UPS store can be delivered directly to your room and is available Monday through Friday. Requests must be submitted by noon on the delivery date. Otherwise, your mail or package will be delivered on the next delivery date. To submit a package or mail pick up request, you will need to submit the following information:

    • Recipient's name
    • Recipient's email address
    • Tracking number and/or UPS pickup code

  • Medication Delivery

    If you need assistance picking up medication, please contact the helpline. All medication should be ordered from Walgreens at Lennar, which is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Medications must be pre-paid prior to your request for pick up.

    On the weekends, pharmacy pick-up is only available at the CVS across from campus (1160 S. Dixie Hwy).

    We are unable to pick up and deliver prescriptions classified as controlled substances. Please consult with your health care provider on the retrieval of these prescriptions.

  • Transportation

    Transportation will only be provided on an as-needed basis for in-person medical appointments, testing appointments, or for relocation to your quarantine/isolation space. You may request transportation by contacting the helpline. Please provide as much advanced notice as possible in order to avoid delayed arrival to appointments. 

  • TytoCare

    If you have been assigned a TytoCare Device, please click here and scroll down to "TytoCare" to learn more about how to get started and troubleshoot. If you have issues connecting to the internet, please contact the helpline. 

Release from Quarantine/Isolation

On your clearance date, you will receive a phone call and/or message to your MyUHealthChart portal from a Student Health Service medical provider. To expedite your release, please promptly reply to all secure messages and calls from Student Health Service.

Remember to gather all of your belongings. You may keep or dispose of any items issued to you.

Please leave your isolation room card in your room upon departure. If you need a ride back to campus, please call the helpline between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to request a Lyft code. The promotion code provided to you is valid for one ride to the Coral Gables campus, free of charge to you. 

Additional Information

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  • About N95 Masks

    N95 masks—which have been worn by healthcare workers since the start of the pandemic—are available to students who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are isolating in place on campus. Both the student testing positive and their roommate are encouraged to wear this type of mask while together. Masks are available at the front desk of all residential buildings for the roommate of any student testing positive for COVID-19.

    N95s can be worn for 2-3 days. Masks should not have direct contact with liquids and it’s recommended to wear a surgical mask on top of the N95 to extend the lifespan of the mask. Review detailed instructions on how to properly put on and take off an N95 mask.

  • Resources

    Want to find out what’s happening on campus virtually?

    Counseling Center:

    Herbert Wellness Center:

    Student Health Service:

    If your condition worsens or if you need additional support during this time, please be aware of the following resources:

    • General COVID-19 Hotline: 305-243-8378
    • UMPD (for emergency situations): 305-284-6666

  • Emergencies

    If an emergency situation requires you to leave your quarantine or isolation space, you should wear a mask at all times and follow evacuation guidelines. In the event of a building evacuation, such as a fire alarm, please be sure to distance yourself from all other students and staff. Below you find the evacuation guidelines:  

    On-Campus Residential Areas: https://miami.edu/evac-campus