Housing Rates

All rates are set and approved by the University Board of Trustees.

Current Academic Year (2017-2018)

Residential Colleges

Double Room $3,940 $7,880
Small Single (Hecht & Stanford Residential Colleges) $5,320 $10,640
Private Single (Eaton, Mahoney, & Pearson Residential Colleges) $6,120 $12,240
Double-as-a-single (limited availability in Eaton, Mahoney, & Pearson Residential Colleges) $6,120 $12,240
Efficiency Single $6,550 $13,100

University Village

Ibis Model (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom) $9,270 $18,540
Palm Model (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) $6,560 $13,120
Cane Model (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) $5,570 $11,140
Villager Model (4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms) $6,130 $12,260
Lake Model (4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms) $6,250 $12,500

Winter Intersession (2017-2018)

All resident students who want to remain in on-campus housing for any portion of the winter intersession period (12/21/17 to 1/9/18) must submit the Winter Intersession Application by December 1.

Resident students in Mahoney, Pearson and the Univeristy Village are able to remain in their current room/apartment. Resident students living in Eaton, Hecht or Stanford will be randomly assigned to an available space in Mahoney or Pearson. 

Cost: $675 ($775 if submitted after December 1)

If you are a resident of University Village, there is no additional cost associated with remaining over the winter break, but you must complete the application.

Summer Sessions (2018)

Information will be available soon.

Summer Intersession (2018)

Information will be available soon.

Next Academic Year (2018-2019)

Housing rates for future academic years are typically available in the second half of the Fall semester.