Apply for Housing: Current Students

All students apply for housing and make payment arrangements for the housing prepayment via CaneLink. The "UM Housing" link is available on the CaneLink homepage (not from the "Student Center"), and a $500 prepayment (payable by credit card) is required to complete the application.

Housing Application Tutorial

With the exception of students living in the University Village where the meal plan is optional, you will also select from one of the required meal plans during the housing application process.

Housing Application and Sign-Up (2017-2018)

Current resident students must apply the application deadline to be guaranteed on-campus housing for the academic year and to select a specific room/apartment and roommate(s). Students who miss this deadline can still apply for housing but will not participate in the room/apartment sign-up process and will be assigned a room/apartment dependent upon availability after the room selection process is complete.

  • 2017-2018 Application Deadline: February 10 by 11:59 p.m.

Room/Apartment and Roommate Selection

Students who completed their application by the deadline listed above will receive an e-mail to their UM e-mail address with a time and date to select their specific room/apartment (and roommates, if applicable) for the next academic year. Priority sign-up times are given to students who have lived on campus the longest and have mutually confirmed roommates on their applications; groups that fill whole suite/apartments are granted priority over groups that only partially fill spaces.

During the room selection process, current residents of Mahoney, Pearson, Eaton and the University Village may retain their same room as part of a requested group or relocate to another available space based on their priority appointment time. Current freshmen residents of Hecht, Stanford or Eaton are unable to retain their same room nor relocate elsewhere in freshmen housing because these specific residential areas are for new freshman housing only. Therefore, those residents must select available spaces in Eaton, Mahoney, Pearson or the University Village (required completion of 45 academic credits at the time of sign-up and 60 credits completed by the August 2017 move to the UV).

Applicants who do not select a room/apartment during sign-up will be assigned by the Department of Housing & residential Life and be notified via their UM e-mail address.

Note: Although every student must apply for on-campus housing and identify any and all mutually confirmed roommates in the application, only one person from a roommate group – the student who receives the earliest sign-up time – should log-in during the sign-up timeframe to select a specific assignment and finalize their previously confirmed roommates.

2017-2018 Application & Sign-Up Timeline

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Students who are interested in living in Gender-Inclusive Housing must schedule an appointment with Housing and Residential Life staff before 5 p.m. on the date the application closes and must complete their housing application by deadline.

Students must contact to schedule the group’s appointment. Meetings should be scheduled for a day and time after each resident has completed their application and so that every member of the group can attend.

On the housing application, students who are planning to live in Gender-Inclusive Housing must answer “Yes” when asked, “Are you interested in living in Gender-Inclusive Housing?” on the housing application. Additionally, those students do not need to identify roommates on the housing application. Roommate groups will be confirmed during the appointment with HRL staff.

Note: Gender-Inclusive Housing can only be guaranteed for groups of students who are able to fill their desired suite/apartment (2 students in the UV Palm layout; 4 students in Mahoney, Pearson and Eaton suites as well as and Cane, Lake and Villager UV layouts.

Current Off-Campus Students

Current off-campus students can apply for on-campus housing, but are not eligible to participate in the room/apartment selection process and will be assigned a room/apartment based on availability.

Returning Study Abroad Students

Students who are currently studying abroad and would like to live in on-campus housing apply to live-on campus and follow the same procedures as outlined above for continuing resident students. If a returning study abroad student does not apply during the application period (or by May 1 at the latest), they should apply as soon as their enrollment on campus for the next semester is confirmed. If a returning study abroad student foresees concerns about their ability to participate in the application and sign up process, please contact the Housing and Residential Life office at 305-284-4505.

Re-Admit/Leave of Absence/Inactive Status Students

Students who are returning after time away from the University and have been re-admitted are eligible to apply for housing on-line using CaneLink. To activate access specifically to the housing application link, re-admitted students must be eligible to register for classes for the academic semester they are interested to begin in housing. Students re-admitted for fall entrance can apply for housing on a space available basis. A waiting list may be necessary. For spring semester housing, students should apply during the fall semester once their re-admittance is finalized and as soon as they know they will want/need on-campus housing.