New Students: Spring Move-In

Spring 2020 Move-In Information

Students arriving to the University at the start of the Spring semester should first park near their residential area (in a valid parking space) and then check-in at their residential area's front desk on Wednesday, January 8. Students must bring photo identification for verification purposes.

Once checked into their room, students can check out a cart in the lobby area to assist with moving in.

Parking: Once you have completed your unloading, please move your vehicle to one of the designated long-term parking areas in one of the three garages - refer to the campus parking map for specific locations.

Visitor Parking

Sorority Recruitment

Individuals participating in Sorority Recruitment that wish to arrive on Monday, January 6 after 5 p.m. must be pre-registered for the event through the Dean of Students Office. This same early move-in timeframe applies to current students who are facilitating Sorority Recruitment.

New International/Exchange Student Orientation

Individuals participating in either the New International Student Orientation or the New Exchange Student Orientation on Wednesday, January 8 can move in starting on Tuesday, January 7. The same early move-in timeline applies to those continuing students facilitating either of those two orientations.

What to Bring

Please consult the Guide to Living on Campus as well as HRL's complete Policies and Procedures to learn more about what items students should and should not bring into the University's residential facilities.