Move-Out Information

Fall 2017 Move-Out Information

Housing for the Fall 2017 semester closes at noon on Thursday, December 21 for all students who did not already sign up for winter intersession housing.

Residents will not have access to their rooms once the building closes, so they should bring any essential belongings with them (i.e. medication, passport, etc.). 

Penalties will be enforced if students do not vacate their respective residential college room or UV apartment by the designated times. Students who have signed up to remain as part of winter intersession housing can remain in their fall assignments during the December 21 - January 10 period.

Secure your Room for Winter Break

All students are required to leave their residences in a clean and orderly condition. For students who are returning to the same room for the spring semester must:

  • Close all blinds.
  • Bag all trash, and take to trash chute/room. Do not leave in hallway, stairwells, recycle rooms or your room.
  • Unplug all appliances (empty, defrost, dry & clean refrigerators).
  • Turn off the lights & leave A/C on low.
  • Close & lock your room door.
  • Remove fish & turn off tank.
Residents returing to their same on-campus housing assignments for the spring semester do not need to move out their belongings or check-out for the winter break period. However, the University assumes no liability for items left, and students should take valuable property home with them. HRL does not provide storage for student belongings, but there are multiple local options available for students who would like to store personal items off campus. 

Checkout Procedures

Only for Students not Returing to Housing in Spring 2018

To avoid fines and charges, please checkout properly and follow the required checkout process. Failure to follow the checkout procedures will result in a $100 fine.

All Residential College residents must complete the checkout envelope and submit it via the drop-off box at the reception desk in the lobby to be considered “checked out” of your room. UV residents must complete the envelope and include bedroom keys (if applicable) and any temporary Onity cards.

  1. Pick up the checkout envelope at your reception desk/UV mailroom.
  2. Fill out the envelope completely.
  3. After filling in the required information, include applicable UV bedroom keys or temporary Onity cards in the envelope.
  4. Put the envelope in the drop-off box at the reception desk/UV mailroom.

If there are room damages or other charges indicated during the post-checkout review of your room/apartment, those chargeds will appear on your student account within approximately two weeks.