Move-Out Information

Fall 2020 Move Out Information

Housing for the Fall 2020 semester closes at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24. Only students who have signed up to continue their stay in housing as part of winter intersession housing and have been approved will be able to stay after 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24. During winter intersession A (November 24 – December 11), students approved will be able to live in their fall assignment because all residential areas will remain open. However, during winter intersession B (December 11 – January 19), Fall 2020 residents of Eaton, Hecht, and Stanford who signed up for winter intersession B housing and are approved to stay must move to a temporary assignment in Mahoney or Pearson, which will be made by the HRL Assignments Staff.

Mail and Package Updates

Hecht, Stanford, Mahoney, Pearson, Eaton, and Lakeside Village:

  • Students should retrieve all mail and packages prior to leaving for break.
  • The UPS Store will begin receiving packages for Spring 2021 on Monday, January 11. Students should not have items delivered prior to this date.
  • Paper mail that cannot be paused will still be received.

University Village:

  • Students should retrieve all mail and packages prior to leaving for break.
  • Students should not have packages sent to them over the break.

Room/Apartment Access During Winter Break

Residents of Eaton, Hecht, Mahoney, Pearson, and Stanford will not have access to their rooms once the buildings close on Tuesday, November 24 at 5 p.m., so they should bring any essential belongings with them (i.e. medication, passport, etc.). 

University Village and Lakeside Village residents are able to access their apartments (at no additional cost) if they sign-up for winter intersession housing by the deadline so that their ‘Cane card access will continue during the two Winter Break periods.  Failure to sign up for winter intersession housing will result in your ‘Cane card not working for access to your living space.

The Housing Office will be closed when the University is closed.  

Students not staying for winter intersession housing will be permitted back in their spring 2021 spaces beginning on Thursday, January 21, 2021.  Specific arrival dates (by appointment) will be announced shortly.

Returning to Housing in Spring 2021

Resident students returning to their same on-campus housing assignments for the Spring 2021 semester do not need to move out their belongings for the winter break period.  However, these resident students must:

  • Visit the Housing Portal via CaneLink to complete an Express Check Out from their room/apartment. If you have specific questions, visit your respective residential area reception desk or contact your Resident Assistant/Community Assistant.

Resident students who have a temporary Onity or other access cards they need to return when the reception desk is closed for resident services should turn the cards into the Security Staff working.

Securing Your Room for Winter Break

Students can be accompanied by up to two family members to assist with packing and moving out. While there is no specific time limit for how long these guests can accompany their student, please be as efficient as possible during the move-out process to limit time in the building. Additionally, no overnight guests will be permitted. Students and family members must continue to wear face coverings and practice physical distancing while moving out.

Prior to leaving for the fall semester, students should remember to:

  • Close all blinds/shutters.
  • Bag all trash and take to trash chute/room. Do not leave in the hallway, stairwells, recycle rooms or your room.
  • Clean your room especially in cases where you have available space(s) that someone new can be assigned into for spring 2021.
  • For residential college residents, we strongly recommend you remove/dispose of all opened and expired food items from your room…including unsealed non-perishable items since the winter break is so long—mini-fridges should be defrosted and cleaned out as well.  For Lakeside & University Village residents, we also strongly encourage you to minimize your opened pantry/non-perishable items in the apartment and clean out the refrigerator with items that will not maintain their freshness prior to your departure from campus.  While we are not trying to encourage food waste, we want you to be aware that leaving food around and accessible can be tempting for unwelcomed pests.  Keep all food tightly wrapped and stored in sealed containers.
  • Turn off the lights & leave A/C on low.
  • Close & lock your room door.
  • Remove fish & turn off the tank.
While students returning to housing in spring 2021 can leave their personal belongings in their space, keep in mind that the University assumes no liability for items left.  As such, students should take valuable property home with them.

Not Returning to Housing in Spring 2021 or Unsure of your Intentions prior to Departing Campus

In order to be considered “checked out” of your room/apartment, all resident students who are not returning to housing for Spring 2021 must complete an express checkout on the Housing Portal via CaneLink.

If you have rented a micro-fridge or Bed Loft item, it is your responsibility to contact BedLoft to cancel your service.  Leave these items in your room. 

If there are room damages or other charges indicated during the post-checkout review of your room/apartment, those charges will appear on your student account prior to the start of the spring semester.

Penalties and Fines

Penalties will be enforced if students do not vacate their respective residential college room or UV/LSV apartment by the designated times or applying for winter intercession housing past the priority deadlines. 

All students are required to leave their residences in a clean and orderly condition, whether they are returning to campus housing or not.  Failure to do so will result in a fine.  In the case where you have an available space within your unit and you have not prepared for the arrival of a new roommate in spring, we do reserve the right to do so at your expense.

Failure to follow the listed check out procedures will result in a $100 fine.