New Students: Fall Move-In

Housing & Residential Life does its very best to make the process as easy and simple as possible in order to help get all residents settled into their new home away from home.

Moving in is an exciting, yet understandably, hectic time for new and returning students alike. In order to accomplish this we have very specific instructions for new students moving in, and we ask that you please follow them to allow everyone the opportunity to have a stress-free move-in process.

"Cruise Ship Move-In"

In order to provide a convenient and stress-free move-in experience, the University of Miami partners with University and Student Services (USS). As the exclusive provider of “Cruise Ship Move-In” for college campuses, USS will bring all your belongings from your car directly to your room (for residents of Hecht, Stanford and Eaton only). This gives you more time to focus on what’s important, getting settled into your room.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of Cruise Ship Move-In.

Residents of Mahoney & Pearson: To ensure you have a stress-free and successful move-in, we are providing you with a modified version of the USS Cruise Ship Move-In experience. We will provide volunteers and a team to help unload your vehicle while you check in to your fall space during the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.. We'll then bring your belongings to a secure room where you can pick up the bins and move them to your room. Arrivals before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. on Monday, August 13 will need to unload their own belongings.

Fall 2018 Move-In Instructions

1. Know Your Date & Time

With an assisted move-in process, it is essential to know your assigned move-in date and time. Your move-in date is determined by your pre-orientation program participation needs.

Monday, August 13: Tuesday, August 14:
  • New International students
  • New Freshman Foote Fellows
  • New Legacy Freshman students
  • New Hammond Scholars
  • New Horizons Program students
  • New College of Engineering students
  • New Frost School of Music students
  • Hillel FreshFest participants
  • Approved Early Arrivals
  • New students living in Mahoney or Pearson
  • All remaining new students

Refer to the move-in schedule below for the timeframe corresponding with your Housing assignment. Please note that your floor assignment will be available on CaneLink by early June, and your specific move-in time will be available by mid-July. Simply click on the “Confirmation” page in the Housing Application or the “Application Status” section. You must arrive during your assigned arrival window listed in CaneLink.

Floor McDonald
2 8 am - noon 5 - 6 pm 8 am - noon 5 - 6 pm 2 - 5 pm
3 8 - 9 am 4 - 5 pm 8 - 9 am 4 - 5 pm 11 am - 2 pm
4 9 - 10 am 3 - 6 pm 9 - 10 am 3 - 6 pm 8 - 11 am
5 10 - 11 am 3 - 4 pm 10 - 11 am 3 - 4 pm
6 11 am - noon 2 - 3 pm 11 am - noon 2 - 3 pm
7 noon - 1 pm 1 - 2 pm noon - 1 pm 1 - 2 pm
8 1 - 2 pm noon - 1 pm 1 - 2 pm noon - 1 pm
9 2 - 3 pm 11 am - noon 2 - 3 pm 11 am - noon
10 3 - 4 pm 10 - 11 am 3 - 4 pm 10 - 11 am
11 4 - 5 pm 9 - 10 am 4 - 5 pm 9 - 10 am
12 5 - 6 pm 8 - 9 am 5 - 6 pm 8 - 9 am

All times are approximations based on floor assignment. Your specific move-in appointment will be available in your Housing profile on CaneLink by mid-July. Updated June 21, 2018.

2. Arriving to Campus

When arriving to campus, utilize the entryway at Merrick Street. Then follow Merrick Street to Walsh Avenue where you will turn into the staging area. Use the address 5699 Merrick Street for the campus entry if utilizing a GPS (see map below for reference).

To make "Cruise Ship Move-In" a successful and efficient experience for all students, only one car per student will be permitted through the unloading zone. All other vehicles will be directed to park in the nearest parking garage.

3. Unloading the Car

From the staging area you will be directed to your specific residential college based on your assigned move-in time. Once there, USS will unload your vehicle into moving carts to bring your belongings directly to your room. While USS takes care of your belongings, the student should proceed to the reception desk to check-in with their assigned residential area.

4. Parking Information

After your vehicle is unloaded, the driver will be directed to park in one of the designated Long-Term Parking areas. From here, the driver may rejoin their student and continue to enjoy a stress-free move-in experience. Please note family members will not be granted access to their student’s room. The student must be present to let their family into their room during the move-in process and anytime thereafter.

No parking will be available outside of the designated parking areas. Once you have completed your unloading, please move your vehicle to one of the designated parking areas - refer to the move-in parking map for specific locations.

Special Accommodations: All drivers are asked to park at the designated parking areas. Shuttles for those with special needs will be available to and from the designated parking area and residential areas.


Click map to enlarge.

Move-In Regulations

Following these regulations is necessary to ensure an efficient move-in process for all. Please keep them in mind when making your move-in arrangements.

  • No moving vans or trailers
  • Avoid oversize vehicles
  • One car per resident

What to Bring

Please consult the Guide to Living on Campus as well as HRL's complete Policies and Procedures to learn more about what items students should and should not bring into the University's residential facilities.

Mail & Packages

Students who wish to ship items to their residential area prior to move-in can do so. However, we cannot accept packages prior to Saturday, August 11. All packages and mail must be addressed to the student and use the student's assigned residential area's full address and room number (including tower if applicable). Note: unclaimed packages will be returned after 14 days.